A Space

Elevating A-Space Condo Development Through Creative Videos


Areeya Development Company faced a unique challenge when they approached us. They needed to promote their recently completed condo development project, A-Space, which had yet to reach full occupancy. The complexity arose from Areeya's reputation for low-rise construction projects, while A-Space marked their entry into the high-rise market. The task at hand was to effectively market this high-rise property and reshape Areeya's image in the real estate market.


Our comprehensive strategy to address this challenge was multi-faceted:
Creative Videos: We crafted four captivating videos, meticulously designed to showcase the property's unique style and concept. These videos adopted a TV commercial-style format and highlighted the trendy urban lifestyle offered by A-Space.

Multi-Platform Promotion: Once the videos were created, we strategically distributed them across a range of online platforms. This encompassed social media channels, YouTube, and their utilization in a lead generation campaign through Google Display and video advertising. The objective was to maximize the reach and engagement of the promotional content.

The Result

The outcomes of our strategy were both visually appealing and highly effective. Our team produced four engaging videos that successfully emphasized A-Space's style, distinctiveness, and the appealing urban lifestyle it offered. The lead generation campaign achieved remarkable success, generating hundreds of inquiries. It played a pivotal role in selling out the remaining units of the property.

This case study highlights the compelling impact of video content in the real estate market. Areeya Development's shift from traditional low-rise projects to the successful promotion and sale of A-Space, a high-rise property, illustrates the potency of our approach in reshaping brand perception and delivering tangible results.