A Successful Brand Activation Campaign in Thailand


Baidu, China's leading technology company, approached us with a specific goal in mind: to promote their Android smartphone application, Photowonder, in Thailand. Photowonder is a versatile application that enables users to edit and customize their photos using filters, stickers, emojis, and more. The challenge was to introduce Photowonder to the Thai market effectively, targeting Android users between the ages of 16 and 28.


Our solution involved a multifaceted approach, combining a brand activation campaign and a targeted PR strategy. Here's how we achieved our objectives:
Brand Activation Event: We organized an offline event in the vibrant heart of Bangkok's shopping district, specifically in the popular hangout and shopping area of Siam Square. This event was meticulously designed to engage Android users in our target age group. Key elements included engaging activities and a massive interactive video display wall, both of which effectively reinforced the brand and product. Brand promoters were also present to assist attendees in downloading the Photowonder app onto their own devices.

PR Campaign: In parallel, we executed a PR campaign tailored to technology-based media outlets. The objective was to announce the arrival of Photowonder on the Google Playstore in Thailand.

The Result

The outcomes of our campaign were remarkable. Our efforts led to a significant increase in Photowonder downloads, particularly among the targeted demographic of Android users aged 16 to 28.

This case study underscores the potential of a well-orchestrated brand activation campaign, combined with strategic PR efforts, in successfully introducing a tech product to a new market. Baidu's Photowonder journey in Thailand serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our approach in achieving tangible results and garnering substantial interest among the intended audience.

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