Bangkok Thonburi University

Elevating Brand Image and Enrolments


Bangkok Thonburi University, located in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand, faced a significant challenge. The institution had recently transitioned from a college to a full-fledged university and sought to redefine its brand image. The aspiration was clear: to become the number 1 educational institution in western Bangkok. This endeavor called for a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy.


To tackle this challenge comprehensively, we devised a long-term marketing communication campaign with the following key components:
Website Redesign: The campaign commenced with a thorough overhaul of the university's website. The revamped design prominently showcased its elevated university status, offering a platform to spotlight the diverse faculties and world-class facilities.

Social Media Marketing: Concurrently, we initiated a highly effective social media marketing campaign. This encompassed a meticulously crafted content strategy, the creation of engaging and informative content, and expert management of all social media platforms. The aim was to establish a deeper connection with the audience, share the university's achievements, and foster a sense of community.

The Result

The outcomes of our comprehensive campaign were nothing short of transformative for Bangkok Thonburi University:
Increased Website Traffic: The redesigned website not only attracted a higher volume of visitors but also effectively engaged them as they explored the enriched content.

Enhanced Social Media Engagement: The social media marketing campaign delivered impressive levels of engagement, nurturing a stronger connection between the university and its audience.

Enrollment Enquiries: Most significantly, our campaign generated a substantial surge in direct inquiries from potential students and parents keen on enrolling at Bangkok Thonburi University. This influx underscored the success of our approach in revitalizing the university's brand image and driving tangible results.

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