BB Clinic

Revolutionizing Breast Augmentation Marketing Through Online Integration


BB Clinic, a distinguished aesthetics clinic based in Bangkok, approached us with a unique challenge. They needed to effectively market their breast augmentation service and establish themselves as the trusted choice in the region. Offering competitive prices and a team of highly experienced doctors, BB Clinic was a pioneer in the field but required increased market presence.


Our comprehensive strategy revolved around an integrated online campaign. We seamlessly combined video production, social media marketing, and a dedicated micro-website to achieve our goals.

We began by crafting a clever and humorous video production, emphasizing breast enlargement while reinforcing the BB Clinic brand identity. This video served as a captivating introduction to the campaign. Next, we executed a robust social media campaign, aiming to engage and interact with the audience effectively. Our strategy was designed to grow BB Clinic's online following while fostering genuine engagement. Simultaneously, we developed a micro-website dedicated to facilitating customer inquiries. This platform provided potential clients with essential information and allowed them to take the initial step toward breast augmentation.

The Result

Our campaign delivered remarkable outcomes, surpassing both our expectations and our client's. Over six months:
BB Clinic experienced a substantial increase in their social media following. Their enquiries regarding their breast augmentation service saw a significant surge. Their sales for their breast enlargement service witnessed a remarkable upswing.

This case study exemplifies the transformative potential of a well-executed online integration campaign. BB Clinic's evolution from a local clinic to a leading breast augmentation service provider in Bangkok illustrates the power of strategic video production, social media engagement, and a dedicated micro-website in enhancing market presence and achieving outstanding results.

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