A Sustainable Tissue Success Story

The Challenge

Grand Universal faced the task of promoting Livi Thailand, a tissue paper provider for out-of-home settings like hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. Livi distinguished itself by using 100% pure pulp tissues, known for their eco-friendliness and skin-friendliness. They also boasted a sustainable production process, involving tree replanting in the forests they sourced from. The challenge was to effectively convey Livi's unique brand and its remarkable story to potential customers.

The Solution

Our solution encompassed the creation of a comprehensive sales kit, both in digital and physical formats, to be employed during presentations to potential customers. The sales kit, titled "From Seed To Consumer," became the narrative backbone that eloquently narrated the entire production journey, from the initial seed to the end consumer.

We meticulously designed a visually captivating sales kit that artfully guided potential customers through Livi's production process. The kit placed a strong emphasis on Livi's unwavering commitment to sustainability and the unwavering quality of its products.

To further expand the reach of Livi's story, we developed an interactive website. This online platform provided visitors with an immersive experience, allowing them to delve deep into the intricate details of Livi's production journey.

Complementing the digital realm, we produced a printed version of the sales kit. This tangible resource allowed the sales team to leave behind a memorable and informative piece that potential customers could reference.

The Result

The results spoke volumes—increased sales and a heightened sense of satisfaction among the sales team. With the sales kit, they could now adeptly and visually communicate Livi's unique production methods to potential customers. The "From Seed To Consumer" narrative resonated powerfully, highlighting Livi's dedication to sustainability and product excellence.

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