Amplifying Snack Brand Awareness and Sales through Strategic Social Media Marketing

The Challenge

Rinbee, a renowned snack manufacturer with an extensive presence in Thailand's supermarkets, convenience stores, and Seven Eleven outlets, approached us with a distinct challenge. They were eager to bolster their social media presence, with a primary emphasis on building brand awareness. Their specific goal was to shine a spotlight on their potato chip brand, Mokado.

The Solution

Social Media Management: We assumed control of Rinbee's social media pages, curating content tailored to their demographic, with a keen focus on Mokado. We crafted a storytelling strategy that effectively engaged the audience, aligning with the brand's messaging and vision.

Page Growth Objective: A secondary objective was to achieve a 30% growth in the social media page's following within six months. To reach this goal, we utilized creative artwork, videos, and Instagram formats (IGFs) to generate captivating content that resonated with the target audience.

Paid Advertising Expertise: We leveraged social media paid advertising campaigns strategically to expand the page's reach and bolster brand awareness. This allowed us to target specific demographics effectively and drive engagement.

The Result

Our efforts bore fruit in the form of 100% client satisfaction. Mokado potato chips experienced a substantial surge in sales, particularly within Seven Eleven stores across Thailand. This tangible success exemplifies our proficiency in not only amplifying brand awareness but also driving substantial sales growth through a meticulously executed social media marketing campaign.

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