SET Stock Exchange Thailand – Empowering the Next Generation: Financial Education for 22-35 Year-Olds

The Challenge

SET Stock Exchange Thailand recognized the need to educate a specific demographic, individuals aged 22 to 35, on the importance of personal financial planning and saving. To achieve this goal, they approached us for a strategic campaign.

The Solution

Our approach was rooted in an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy. We understood that engaging and educating the younger demographic required a multi-faceted approach. Here's how we tackled it:
We embarked on a diverse content creation journey, producing a variety of materials such as videos, infographics, and creative content. Our goal was to make financial planning relatable and accessible to the target audience.

Educational content was at the core of our strategy. We aimed to demystify financial planning by using real-life scenarios and relevant examples. This approach helped the younger generation see the tangible benefits of financial planning, including the potential of investing in the stock market.

Our content reached the 22-35 age group through a multi-platform distribution strategy. We utilized social media channels, educational websites, and conducted workshops and seminars. This ensured that we engaged with our target demographic across a spectrum of touch points.

The Result

The outcome exceeded expectations. The campaign resulted in a substantial increase in the engagement of the 22-35 age group with SET's website. Not only did they access the website more frequently, but they also made inquiries, demonstrating a heightened interest in personal financial planning and investment opportunities.

This case study underscores our ability to connect with and educate specific demographics, making financial planning approachable and relevant to a younger audience. The substantial increase in website engagement and inquiries is a testament to the campaign's success in empowering the next generation with essential financial knowledge.

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