Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines - Building Brand Awareness and Introducing Full-Service Airline to Thai Nationals and Expats


Xiamen Airlines, a prominent airline based in Xiamen, China, approached us with a specific challenge. They sought to establish and enhance brand awareness among Thai nationals and expatriates living in Thailand. Additionally, they aimed to introduce themselves as a full-service airline, showcasing the array of services and destinations they offered.


To address Xiamen Airlines' challenge, we devised a comprehensive strategy centered around promoting Xiamen, China, as an enticing destination worth exploring. Our approach involved highlighting the city's rich tourist attractions and historical significance.

We initiated this journey by establishing Xiamen Airlines' official Facebook fan page from scratch, supported by a key campaign message: "Trust Our Wings." In addition to Facebook, we expanded our presence to Instagram and Line@, targeting both English and Thai-speaking audiences. Our primary goal was to educate our target demographic about Xiamen Airlines, its services, destinations, and core values. We wanted to convey what future passengers could expect when choosing Xiamen Airlines for their journeys.

One of our strategic moves was to generate user reviews, specifically focusing on three key cities in China that Xiamen Airlines served directly from Bangkok. By fostering discussions and user-generated content on social media, we aimed to enhance social engagement and word-of-mouth marketing.

The Result

The outcome of our efforts was a significant increase in brand awareness for Xiamen Airlines among Thai nationals and expatriates in Thailand. We successfully positioned Xiamen Airlines as a competitive choice for travelers flying from Bangkok to various destinations in China.

Through our campaigns, we not only educated the target audience about Xiamen Airlines' services but also created a buzz around the airline, fostering positive discussions and user-generated reviews. This contributed to a heightened sense of trust and consideration among potential passengers.

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