Dettol – Antibacterial Wipe Campaign

Transforming Hand Hygiene Awareness and Market Leadership


Dettol, a trusted brand under Reckitt Benckiser, approached us with a specific challenge: launching their new product, Antibacterial Hand Wipes, in Thailand. Dettol's internal study had revealed a concerning low awareness of hand hygiene in the country. Their goal was not only to introduce the product but also to raise awareness about the importance of hand hygiene.


We devised a comprehensive solution that not only introduced the Antibacterial Hand Wipes but also instilled awareness about hand hygiene. The campaign, titled "Eat Food Not Germs," was strategically designed to target locations where food was bought, served, and consumed. Over a two-month period, we focused on 100 food locations throughout Bangkok, implementing a brand activation campaign that included education and awareness about germs and hand hygiene.

We engaged our target audience by providing education and creating awareness about the importance of hand hygiene, specifically in food-related settings. Over the two-month campaign period, we made over 300,000 contacts and distributed samples, ultimately reaching over 1,000,000 people.

The Result

The outcomes of our campaign were nothing short of phenomenal. Not only did we exceed our client's targets, but within four months following the campaign, Dettol Antibacterial Hand Wipes skyrocketed to become Thailand's leading hand wipe brand.

This case study is a testament to the transformative power of strategic campaigns that not only introduce innovative products but also raise awareness about critical hygiene practices. Dettol's Antibacterial Hand Wipes not only gained a strong market foothold but also became synonymous with hand hygiene in Thailand, driving exceptional results in a relatively short span of time.

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