Scomadi - Revitalizing the Classic Scooter Market: A Marketing Triumph


Scomadi, renowned for their classic-style scooters, faced a formidable challenge. In a market dominated by established giants, they needed a resurgence. Adding to the complexity, the brand had grappled with negative online sentiment in recent years.


Our mission was clear: revive the Scomadi brand and reignite sales. Our comprehensive solution unfolded across various strategic fronts:
We embarked on a creative journey, breathing life into Scomadi's scooters with captivating photography and videos. This visual storytelling aimed to evoke nostalgia and showcase the timeless elegance of classic scooters.

Recognizing the impact of social media, we launched an extensive social media management campaign. We set out to reintroduce the brand to a new generation, engaging them with compelling content and fostering a community of scooter enthusiasts.

Addressing past negativity head-on, we initiated reputation management campaigns. By actively managing online sentiment and emphasizing the brand's positive aspects, we rebuilt Scomadi's reputation.

In a competitive landscape, paid advertising campaigns were instrumental in ensuring Scomadi's message reached its intended audience effectively.

Adapting to COVID restrictions that hindered dealership visits, we launched telesales campaigns. This bridged the information gap, offering potential customers support and guidance even when in-person visits were limited.

Our collaboration extended to the unveiling of two new scooter models. We orchestrated marketing efforts to generate excitement and anticipation for these additions.

The Result

The outcome was nothing short of astounding. Scomadi witnessed a surge in brand awareness, coupled with a substantial increase in sales. Our efforts successfully revitalized the classic scooter market, positioning Scomadi as a formidable contender in a competitive industry.

This case study underscores our ability to rekindle a brand's image, leverage digital platforms, and execute effective marketing strategies. The remarkable resurgence in brand awareness and sales performance stands as a testament to our marketing prowess.

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