Stadium One


Elevating Brand Awareness With A Strong B2B Campaign

The Challenge

Stadium One, a dynamic sports community mall situated in the heart of Bangkok, sought to increase brand awareness and attract potential tenants for its retail spaces. Their B2B campaign aimed to establish a strong presence among potential shop owners who could contribute to the mall's vibrant atmosphere.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, we devised a comprehensive strategy that revolved around creating a compelling sales kit, both in print and digitally. This approach encompassed several key elements:
Our team designed and developed a user-friendly website that served as the digital platform for the sales kit. The website not only showcased the mall's unique offerings and amenities but also seamlessly integrated the digital sales kit.

The sales kit itself was a powerful tool, available both in print and digital formats. It provided potential tenants with in-depth insights into the mall's advantages, foot traffic, and the benefits of setting up shop at Stadium One.

Complementing the sales kit, we executed a robust marketing campaign to raise awareness among potential tenants. Our campaign highlighted the mall's strategic location, vibrant community, and opportunities for business growth.

The Result

The outcomes of our campaign exceeded expectations. Within just three months, Stadium One achieved full occupancy of all shop units, a remarkable accomplishment that outpaced the client's initial timeline projections.

Our efforts successfully elevated brand awareness among potential tenants, attracting entrepreneurs and businesses eager to be part of Stadium One's thriving community. The comprehensive sales kit and strategic marketing campaign, integrated into a user-friendly website, played a pivotal role in this achievement.

This case study underscores our ability to create impactful B2B campaigns that not only raise brand awareness but also deliver tangible results, ultimately leading to full occupancy of retail units in a highly competitive market.

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